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Wyntertide by Andrew Caldecott

In some ways I have even less of an idea of what’s going on, but not in a bad way.

A couple of months have passed since the events of the first book. Things appear to have settled back to normal but there are signs that this is more the calm before the storm than anything else. The sense that everything that has happened already has been part of the plan all along strengthen and our gang of characters need to figure it out before the prophesied return of Geryon Wynter comes to pass.

It was definitely easier to keep track of who is who now, especially going directly from the last book, as there are only a few new characters introduced. However I still was mostly in the dark about what the hell was happening in general. Half the book is to do with finding out what Calx Bole has been up to all these years and other half is to do with the election for the major. These books get quite dark, and it is somewhat glossed over almost by the whimsical style of the story and prose. The campaign against the Countrysiders by Snorkel and Strimmer can be hard to read about and holds a bit of a mirror up to some current politics around the world.

Where the overall story is going I’m still not so sure. It’s definitely more than just the return of Wynter. We go even further back in history in the interludes which opens up even more questions. This is definitely one of the stranger series I’ve ever read but I have to say I’m pretty hooked now. The characters are all great, idiosyncratic of course, but I enjoy reading about all of them, even the ‘bad guys’. The world, both Rotherweird and Lost Acre, are fascinating though I really wish we spent more time in Lost Acre. And the prose I think is brilliant, I’m not the best judge of this but the guy obviously has a great love of language and puzzles.

So to summarize, not totally sure what’s happened or where it’s going but I love it. Roll on the last part.

4 stars

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