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The Employees by Olga Ravn

This was really not my style of book.

The basic premise is that of a series of employee interviews after an incident aboard a spaceship set sometime in the next century. You gradually learn that there are human and humanoid interviews though it can be very difficult to tell the difference in some cases.

Honestly I’m not sure what the point of this was, if there was one. Apparently it was based on a modern art installation that the writer was involved in. Half the ‘interviews’ were only a couple of lines long and I’m not sure what purpose they served. The story was basically non existent. Yes there is some commentary on what makes us human, the rise of corporations, and how people are treated as objects within them, but I didn’t come across anything new here. There was supposed to be some dark humour involved here but if there was it passed me by in my daze of non-interest.

This is a translated novella so fair play to the translator on what must have been a difficult job. The writing is good but just not my sort of thing. If you’re going to write a ‘literary’ novel there must be some sort of story to keep me interested. Some people love language for language’s sake and that’s fair enough but it’s not for me.

2 stars

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