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  • Do You Dream of Terra-Two? by Temi Oh

    12th May 2021 by

    DNF at a little over 100 pages. This just wasn’t for me, at least at the moment. It’s about six super intelligent and annoying teenagers who have been selected to go on a mission to a new planet. Just before launch there is a tragedy and someone else is drafted in at the last minute.… Read more

  • Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company by Alexander Freed

    7th May 2021 by

    Definitely one of the more interesting tones of a Star Wars book that I’ve read so far. This is the story of Namir, a sergeant in the Rebellion’s Twilight Company. We follow him and the company as the rebellion are getting pushed back after the events of A New Hope. It starts shortly before Empire… Read more

  • Crowfall by Ed McDonald

    7th May 2021 by

    My favourite of the trilogy. There’s a long gap between the second and third books, six years. Galharrow has been spending most of his time in the Misery and has become irrevocably changed by it. He has become something more and less than human as his plan he came up starts to come to its… Read more

  • Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett

    23rd Apr 2021 by

    Great as always, I always find myself returning to Pratchett when I need a pick me up. Set pretty much straight after Witches Abroad, Granny, Nanny Ogg and Magrat are back home after their adventures. Things seem mostly normal but it looks like things will change as the Queen of the Elves has set her… Read more

  • Ravencry by Ed McDonald

    16th Apr 2021 by

    A better balance than the first. There’s a four year gap between the last book and this. Galharrow is a little sadder, still drinks as much, but now has some wealth, status, and responsibility by running a full Blackwing company. After a few years of relative peace, things are starting to deteriorate again. There are… Read more

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