Small Favour by Jim Butcher

So on book ten, that’s a fair bit into the series now. As per usual there are two current predicaments for Harry. The first is that the Summer Court is out to get Harry and he is not sure why. The other part is that Mab wants Harry to rescue Marcone and so calls in one of the favours he owes her. And this brings back in the Denarians who are around Chicago is great strength.

Along with the usual characters we are joined by Michael and Sanya, Kincaid and the Archive, Luccio, as well as pretty much all of the Denarians and Marcone’s crew. We learn a bit more about magic in this one and that was interesting. We also learn that the Black Council seems to be playing all sides but their motives are still very unclear.

The books with the Fae and the Denarians have been my favourite so far and though I enjoyed this it is not up there with the best. Still lots of good moments though and Harry even got in a little flirting which was weird but nice. Think I need to read something different for a bit before I move onto the next one as I can find them a bit much reading too many in a row.

I miss Lasciel.

4 stars

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