White Night by Jim Butcher

It’s getting harder to review these the further you go into the series. This one is mostly concerned with the White Court and a series of murders of lesser practitioners of magic around a few US cities. All the signs point to Thomas but Harry doesn’t believe it to be the case and there must be something else going on.

We’re rejoined with a few recurring characters here in Elaine, Marcone, and Lara while keeping with the main cast of Harry, Murphy, Thomas, and now Molly. Lasciel also plays a huge role and they were my favourite parts, the relationship that has grown between them despite themselves. Harry definitely feels like he’s matured a fair bit and the flashback to the desert was quite startling and also sad. There are also some more hints in relation to the Black council but it is still pretty much a mystery as to what their purpose is.

Yes these books follow pretty much the same formula each time but I still enjoy them and there does appear to be a bit of a slowdown on the nonstop action that sometimes causes me to lose attention when I’m reading them. The end really made this one, who would have thought that a fragment of a fallen angel would be one of my favourite characters and nearly made me shed a tear?

4.5 stars

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