The Empire of Ashes by Anthony Ryan

A good end to the series.

I won’t go too much into plot it being the third and final book but things start where they left off at the end of the second book, continuing with the four POV’s. Clay is almost unrecognisable as the guy from the first book. Lizanne is possibly even better. Hilemore had some growth but I still sometimes feel that his POV was almost unnecessary. His overlapped with some of the others and could almost have been left out. Our fourth POV I won’t name but his was great and there was a lovely twist with his that I didn’t see, it made his actions totally understandable once you copped it (I didn’t) as I had been confused by a few things. 

This is an action heavy book (in an action heavy series), the last couple of hundred pages basically being one battle after another. The end once it came was quite abrupt and the book ended almost immediately. I really wish authors would spend some more time after the climax sometimes. I think maybe they’re leaving room for sequels but still, it wouldn’t be hard to give more than a few pages to see how it pans out for characters you’ve gotten to know over three quite chunky books. 

It’s weird but I felt very bad for the dragons in this book. They have been exploited by humans for centuries and while their revenge is extreme (under influence) it is somewhat justified and their fate is left fairly obscure. Maybe it’s due to the craziness of our own world and the damage we’re doing to all other lifeforms but I felt more worried for their species survival in this world than some of the human characters. There are some nods to this in the books but I felt it could have been explored more. 

Overall though I’ve really enjoyed this series and have my fate restored in the author after the disappointment at the ending of his last series.

4 stars out of 5

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