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The Legion of Flame by Anthony Ryan

So this book took the story to a whole new level.

We have the same POV’s as the last book, with one addition, a very minor character from the first book who gives us perspective from the ‘bad’ point of view. It is necessary as the first book was all concentrated on the one area, whereas here our cast and action is more dispersed and most of it takes place in different continents.

Lizanne’s is still probably my favourite POV, she is very interesting both in character and her storyline. She definitely matures here somewhat as we see the consequences of her training in her personal life. Clay’s is nearly as good, he has definitely changed from the guy at the start of the first book and his storyline has taken an unexpected turn, at least I didn’t see it coming. Hilemore is still pretty good but he really suffers for screen time in this one, he’s not in it much apart from the beginning and end.

What I wasn’t expecting was the increase in the scale of the conflict and this history behind it. Turns out this world has a lot more behind it than I thought and I really enjoyed that. Don’t get me wrong, this is no Tolkien or Erikson, but I like when events from the distant past have an impact on the present day.

The action is still good, not as much sea battles this time but still pretty good stuff and the story moves along nicely. Lizanne ends up in a prison city on a search for a missing person, I’ve seen this type of thing before but I really enjoyed those sections, I think it’s because she is just so competent and confident in herself and her skills, no bravado or false modesty. Very refreshing.

The book ends on bit of a cliffhanger which I intensely dislike but luckily the last book is already out and I have it so no worries there. I am very curious as to where it is all going and sincerely hope the author lands this last book.

4 stars out of 5

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