Wrath by John Gwynne

As this is the final book in a four book series I’ll keep it short and sweet. This was a great series. It is not the most original thing I have ever read, but everything it does that you might have seen before it does extremely well. It has heroes, proper heroes, and villains.

For a series that started out slow the last book is basically non stop action. People die, lots and lots of people, people you’ve known from the first pages of the first book. I’ll be honest, I felt people cutting onions around me a few times at the end there. I think all the characters have been done so brilliantly, people are not the same as they were at the start, a natural progression done seamlessly.

Everything you want for an epic conclusion is here; battles, individual fights, revelations, twists, betrayals, character arcs and resolutions. I could not have asked for more. Honestly looking back at the first book now, I feel like the characters, wondering how it got to the end, things were so different.

I can’t wait to re-read this series in a few years time, looking at things knowing how they are going to end, taking more in that I may have missed. Even better, the author has a new series set in the same world and the first book is already out. I won’t be delving into that immediately but it’s already bought and I probably won’t be able to resist for long.

5 stars out of 5

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