Grave Peril by Jim Butcher

The third book sees Harry Dresden, Wizard face off against even greater odds. I won’t say what he’s up against as that would be spoilers but there were a few times I was wondering how the hell he would get out of it.

The story starts off with a plague of ghosts infecting Chicago and Harry’s working at it with his sometime partner Michael. Michael is a new character, a Knight of the Catholic Church and I enjoyed him quite a lot. I’m not a very religious person myself but I did enjoy his unwavering belief. It also helps that he is seriously bad ass. 

We don’t really see a lot of other returning characters apart from Susan but I’ll be honest I didn’t miss them. This is a pretty action packed book from start to finish and I enjoyed learning more about the Nevernever and rules that govern our world with the supernatural. I also liked that we are still learning about Harry’s past, particularly in relation to his godmother. His whole injury thing still bothered me but somebody told me that this does get eventually explained.

Anyway really enjoyed this, the prose seems a bit smoother, presumably as the author has gained experience, and the story was fast paced and interesting.

4 stars out of 5

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