The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley

I’d read a review of this on Goodreads and the premise had me intrigued. It is a standalone story of a Golem, told primarily from his point of view.

At the beginning of the story he is already 400 years old and spent most of that time in war. He is tired and jaded of it but has just been sold to a general fighting a civil war that has being going on for 9 years. It is here that he forms a friendship with a stable girl Lesky and this begins to change him, or more accurately awaken things in him that were always there. We also get her viewpoint and a few others: the general that Task is sold to; Alabast, a knight down on his luck; and Ellia, who seems to be playing her own game in the war.

This is a pretty bleak book, there is a feeling of melancholy throughout. The author really makes you feel the pointlessness of the war and how it’s usually pursued by people who are not affected by it. The plot moves at a fairly brisk pace and there are enough twists and turns to keep you interested throughout.

This is the first self published book I’ve ever read but I didn’t notice any errors, it there were they must have been too small for me to notice. I really enjoyed all the POV’s, they all brought something to the story and showed different facets of the war from both sides. The only thing that bothered me was the use of a made up swearword. Seriously every time it came up it took me out of the story a bit, it made no sense.

Overall though I really enjoyed this. It is a standalone but the author mentions at the end that he may write more stories within the world, and if he does I will definitely be buying them.

5 stars out of 5

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