Imager’s Battalion by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

After the battle at the end of the last book, this one is basically an invasion of Bovaria to oust their ruler. Quaeryt has been made a sub-commander and has been given a certain amount of regular soldiers as well as a company of imager’s. His job is to train them up and help any way he can in the coming campaign. He wants to show their worth to Bhayal and fulfil his long term plan of making imagers respected and necessary.

Though there is nothing wrong with the execution of this book it is relentless. It is one long campaign with very few, if any breaks. I like reading about a good campaign as much as the next person but when it is the entire, fairly big book then it sometimes felt a bit too much. I do wonder though if that was the intent of the author, to show that you might win a battle but to win the war it is long and difficult and is mostly about logistics with a lot of short skirmishes. It was interesting, the the politics of command was also interesting, but I needed some other diversions in the story.

There was not too much character development though I did like getting to know some of the newer imagers. Vaelora wasn’t really in it at all. We did start to get glimpses of previous empires and the history of this world but it was just smaller details. It was enjoyable, if not as much as the previous, and it would definitely not be for someone who dislikes military stories. However if you do I would recommend this, though you would probably need to read the previous books to fully appreciate it.

3 stars

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