Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

The book starts off with Katniss recovering in District 13 from the events in book two. And then nothing else really happens, at least with her involvement. She fired a couple of arrows, shot some propaganda videos, sang a few songs, made a speech and then was part of a team that went through some traps of which she didn’t do much. That was it pretty much.

Oh there was lots of angst ridden deliberations about Peeta and Gale and her being all messed up. I get she was suffering from PTSD and it’s probably fairly realistic but she wasn’t the only one and the others didn’t wallow in self pity the entire time. It might help if she was a more sympathetic character but she’s not. 

I liked Katniss is book one and sympathised with her in book two but in this one I grew to actively disliking her, and this is not good in a book told in the first person with only her POV. The way she treated Peeta after what happened to him was truly atrocious and she threw Gale under the bus whenever she wanted. It makes no sense as to why either of them would want to be with her.

This could have been a good book, the premise was good and there were some good new characters introduced. Instead we got a lot of whining and all the good action stuff happened off screen.

This series started with a bang, the first book is very good, but it ended on a whimper.

2 stars out of 5

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