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Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

Very fast paced, though not quite as good as I remembered.

Not too long has passed since the events of the previous book. Wax is now a kind of unofficial officer to the Elendil police force whereas Maresi works for them properly. Wayne just kind of hangs around being annoying. When a threat to the mayor becomes apparent, things start to escalate and Wax, Wayne, and Maresi start to realize that there is much bigger things going on in the background that could affect their whole planet.

Well this book is much more tied to the original trilogy than the more standalone Alloy of Law. We get to meet Sazed again which is cool, and mix with the Kandra, even our old friend TenSoon. The references are well done, you don’t want to do too much but you need to acknowledge it and I think it was done gracefully.

Our main characters are still struggling with their roles in their lives, and their past is teased out more, especially Wax’s. Steris is also more than a one dimensional character as she was in the first book, I’ll be honest she’s probably one of the best characters Sanderson has ever wrote. She’s still not there yet but she’s getting there! Wayne I still almost actively despise, he’s a bit better but honestly it’s not saying much.

I’ve read this before and enjoyed it much more on the previous read, think it was a five star read then. It’s still good but lacking some depth or something like that. The end is still great though and is a proper setup for the rest of the trilogy (or quadrilogy depending on how you view Alloy).

4 stars


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