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Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch

Oh wow that ending, didn’t see it coming!

Various cases and threads lead Peter and Leslie to think that there is something going on with the Faceless Man and a block of towers in Elephant and Castle. What it is they don’t really know but they decide to go undercover and see what they can find out.

Well for quite a while I didn’t really know where this was going. It was less straight-forward then other books, with lots of disparate elements going on but the author really managed to bring them together. I loved the relationship between Peter and Leslie though I did not see where it was going at all. Maybe it will be obvious on a re-read, and retrospectively I do notice a few things but at the time it seemed to come from nowhere.

I kind of forgot how awesome Nightingale was in this book. You think the fight between him and the Russian wizard/witch was the climax of the story but it wasn’t! That was some chapter and he definitely gave off some strong James Bond vibes after it.

I’m itching to find out what happens next though if it follows the same pattern as the previous books then I think the next will be more standalone. But let’s see.

5 stars


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