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Tiamat’s Wrath by James S.A. Corey

Started a bit slow but ramped up to an amazing end.

The Laconians are fully in charge. The crew of the Rocinante are split up; Jim’s captive with the Laconians, Amos is trying to rescue him, Bobby and Naomi are both leading the resistance but in very different ways, and Alex is Bobby’s pilot but not on the Rocinante. All in their own way are trying to stop the Laconians, though also starting to wonder if it’s all worth it and whether more death and violence is the answer.

As I mentioned it started slow but that is not a negative really, not when it means that we really get to know how all these characters are feeling that we’ve gotten to know so well. This book is really about the women, Naomi and Bobby dominate and I love to see whom they’ve become. Bobby has always been a kick ass and it’s no different here, she does what she does best and takes no prisoners. Naomi bloomed here, she was always a leader but did it from the backseat. No longer though, and it was great to see. It’s also a pretty emotional read this, not everyone is making it through and it hits after reading so many pages about characters you like.

It was a nice surprise to get Elvi back from book 4 (though hinted at at the end of the previous book), she’s been manipulated into working for the Laconians to investigate what took out the protomolecule builders and see if they are threat to humanity. Spoilers: they are. We also have POV’s from Teresa, the great and noble leader Duarte’s daughter and she’s good to get perspective from the other side.

All the questions we had from the start of book 1 are beginning to be answered and the book ends on a massive high, though obviously we don’t know where it is all heading yet. Let’s just say I’m really glad I waited until the last book was published before starting these final books!

4.5 stars rounded down

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