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Stories of your Life and Others by Ted Chiang

A bit of a mixed bag but definitely interesting.

Tower of Babylon: Very strange, more Fantasy than Science Fiction but I found it intriguing.

Understand: I really liked this. The first thing I did was check whether the movie Lucy is based on it but I don’t think it is. What happens if you gain ‘full’ consciousness? I love this concept.

Division by Zero: A story of madness. But it’s so short that it doesn’t have much impact.

Story of you Life: This is the one that Arrival is based off. I still can’t get my head around the fact that someone successfully adapted this to the screen. And somehow made it even better than this story which is pretty good in its own right.

Seventy-two Letters: Another Fantasy style story about Golems. I actually think this could make another good adaptation as it is one of the more action packed ones. Really enjoyed it.

The Evolution of Human Science: Literally 3 pages long. Not much you can say about that.

Hell is the Absence of God: Loved this. What if God, Angels, heaven, hell were real? What impact would it have on society? Great premise and very interesting with characters that you got invested in. Incredibly well done considering it’s just a small novella.

Liking what you see: A Documentary: Interesting premise on the impact of beauty on society told in the manner of transcripts from interviews over a period of time.

3 stars


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