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The House of Always by Jenn Lyons

Another fairly left field direction taken in this book though it had it its moments. Took me an age to get through though it wasn’t wholly the fault of the book.

The author mentions that the idea of this was started from before Covid but it certainly encapsulates the experience of being stuck in the one place for quite some time. So due to Kihrin’s choice at the end of the third book, he’s stuck in basically the mind of Vol Karoth, whereas the various companions are in the lighthouse, essentially stuck there too and re-living the experiences of each person and how they arrived there.

Like the second book, this doesn’t progress the story too much. Stuff obviously happens and there a fairly well sign posted major event happens right at the end that changes the narrative somewhat but honestly not too much happens. It is entertaining though the Marvel quip level seems to be getting worse, luckily enough I enjoy most of the characters.

What did bug me a lot was the raging hormone and lust of the Kihrin, Janel, and Teraeth triangle. Like they were in literal life and death situations, with an almost literal god of entropy and negation and they were practically rubbing themselves off one another at every opportunity. There is a time and a place for that, and it was a major part of the storyline but the situations where it was presented sometimes just felt too unrealistic. Maybe I’m wrong but it took me out of the story too many times.

I am enjoying this series but this was a bit of a slog due to life stuff and the feeling that the story had ground to a halt again. Looking forward to seeing how it’s all going to play out in the final book.

3.5 stars rounded up


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