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The Memory of Souls by Jenn Lyons

This book upped the ante even more if that is possible.

Told in a similar manner to the previous books, it starts with Kihrin and Thurvishar recovering after some major event of which we nothing at the start. The story is then unfolded from the end of the second book until this scene at the start with the footnotes provided by Thurvishar again.

Well my complaint from the second book was that the story hadn’t actually progressed much as it was pretty much all covering the same timeline. This book fixed that issue and then some. The story progressed leaps and bounds while also filling in lots of other gaps in my knowledge and history of the world. It was non stop but also didn’t feel too rushed if you know what I mean. The characters were allowed room to breathe a little and we got much more viewpoints here, though Kihrin and his companions were still by far the main ones.

Some of the revelations here were seriously cool. The world is deeper than I imagined when starting and there even elements of science fiction starting to appear (kind of, maybe more magical science). I still have no idea where it’s going. The end of the book really shook things up even more than it had already been and I honestly don’t know where two more big books that are in this series are going. I am very much looking forward to finding out though.

5 stars

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