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Star Wars: Victory’s Price by Alexander Freed

Great end to the series.

I won’t go into too much details here for fear of spoilers but we’ve come to the endgame and events are setting up for the Battle of Jakku and end of the Empire. We know how it plays out, kind of, and most of our protagonists know it too. The Empire are on the run and have re-instated Operation Cinder and are causing as much damage as they possibly can, mainly on former Imperial forces. The New Republic want a final reckoning and to move forward with restoring democracy to the galaxy. In this mix the tattered remnants of both Alphabet Squadron and Shadow Wing will punch it out for the last time.

This is a sad book in a lot of ways. No one is happy and everyone is exhausted. All our main characters are having to face both the past and an uncertain future once the war ends. So many have done terrible things in the course of the war and have been changed irrevocably and are now having to possibly face a future where they might have to pay for past deeds. There’s a lot of rumination on whether doing good deeds can ever make up for past bad ones, and how justice should be pursued. Honestly with what is going on in the world at the moment, it’s uncannily on the nose with current events.

Saying that there is lots of battles still, and the usual action sequences but I sometimes wonder if the author could have left some of them out would he have. He had a vision of how he wanted to explore this, from the ordinary pilots and soldiers on both sides and wanted to give it a realistic tone. I think he succeeded admirably and this is so different to other Star Wars books I’ve read. With the whole grimdark thing that I feel is going on in these books, the end was a bit off, definitely not happy but not quite as dark as I thought it was going to be.

I wasn’t mad about the Battlefront book by the same author but this is probably the most cohesive and well put together series I’ve read yet in the Star Wars universe. It won’t be for everyone but most people will get something from it, and not necessarily only Star Wars fans. A great book and a great series.

5 stars

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