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Star Wars: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray

Forrest Gump meets Romeo and Juliet in Star Wars, shouldn’t work but it does.

Set around the events of the original trilogy, this is the story of Ciena and Thane who grow up together and join the Imperial Academy until the events they see happening around them cause them to go down very different paths.

This is basically just a pure up nostalgia fest for Star Wars fans. Like Forrest Gump these two end up at pretty much all the important events from the original trilogy, right up to the Battle of Jakku which then ties up to Episode 7. It’s ridiculous but this is my second time reading it, and though it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the first time round it was still a great read.

Our characters are good people who basically end up doing some very messed up things, especially Ciena, due to training and looking after the people around them. It’s fairly simplified but the author does a decent job of showing how normal people can get involved in performing horrendous acts. At its heart it is also a love story in the classic Romeo and Juliet vein, families from opposing sides to then opposing sides in the war. It’s nicely done and adds another dimension to what is essentially the original trilogy told again.

I’ve read a fair bit of the new canon at this stage and I keep hoping I’ll see a mention of these two again. Maybe I missed some but I love to get another story on what happens after this. It would echo what was done in Alphabet Squadron so not sure if that will happen. If you want something fairly light and a trip down memory lane then I would definitely recommend this book (if you’re a Star Wars fan of course, otherwise you’ll hate it).

4.5 stars rounded up

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