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Star Wars: Dooku: Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott

Would have enjoyed it a lot more if it had been novelized.

So this story is framed as if told by Ventress’s POV during, or just before, the Clone Wars. She is tasked with finding Dooku’s sister who has been kidnapped and in the course of it, she finds journal entries which detail his life as an apprentice with the Jedi and his life as a Jedi Master until he leaves the order. It explores his relationship with his family, with his friend Sifo-Dyas and of course Yoda amongst others and (kind of) shows how he went to the dark side.

There is the makings of a great book here, but as it’s in transcript form it is lacking. Perhaps with the voice actors and sound affects the material would be elevated but reading it in print format just leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t think this is the author’s fault, it’s made as an audio drama but it’s still annoying. I was hoping they had made more a traditional narrative from it, but it’s just lines of dialogue with scene numbers and visual cues. It takes quite a bit getting used to but I did relatively quickly.

The story itself is good. I love origin backstories and this didn’t disappoint though of course it comes to a fairly abrupt ending and next we know he’s the big bad we know from the Clone Wars and the films. Ventress isn’t really in it much apart from the framing device but I like it interwove a few off hand comments from the films to make a compelling and cohesive narrative.

This is not necessary for the enjoyment of Star Wars overall, no teasers or hints for the movies or shows (very little of canon novels is) but it’s still a good story. If you can listen to the audiobook I’d imagine it’s a lot better but this is ok, and quick to read with all the whitespace. Not the worst Star Wars book I’ve read but not in the top either.

3 Stars

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