Seeress of Kell by David Eddings

Great end to the series, all wrapped up and tied with a bow satisfactorily.

Again there’s no time jump here, we’re straight into the action from where we left off. The endgame is almost in sight and there are just a couple more places to go before the meeting at the Place Which is No More.

Honestly there’s not a great deal of dramatic tension here. The Choice is between Light and Dark, Good and Evil and though the authors’ try to make it seem more profound than this I don’t think they pull it off too well. Maybe if the villains were a bit more nuanced it would have been more gripping but since they’re literally almost evil personified and have spent the previous four books committing one atrocity after another it’s not really going to work. The only real tension is finding out who is going to die as had been prophesied.

Saying that I still loved it. I know I’m probably blinded by my nostalgia but it is what it is and there’s nothing I can do about it. These books are probably my number one go to comfort read when I’m stuck in a bit of a rut reading wise and I’m sure I’ll read them again.

I have read about the issues people have with the slightly dodgy gender politics going on but as it later came out these were all co-written by David Eddings with his wife Leigh and it was she who wrote all the female parts. They’re still dodgy but it must be acknowledged that at least it was a woman writing this and not a man, so if this is how they wanted to portray the interaction between man and woman so be it. There are other issues with the authors’ that much more troubling than this if you do a quick google search. Finding out about all of that really took a shine off but luckily I was able to separate the work from the author and can still enjoy the story.

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing really original here across all ten books. These latter five are almost a copy of the first five in some ways, which is actually a plot point in them. However the story is gripping, the characters are all great and the dialogue and banter is even better. They are an easy read and I love them.

4.5 stars rounded up

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