Demon Lord of Karanda by David Eddings

Great book, especially considering it’s the middle of a five book series.

Continuing on exactly where we left off, Garion and Co are being brought to Emperor Zakath and from there, the scene moves to the continent of Mallorea.

I just love this book. Zakath is probably one of my favourite characters in the series. Yes he is a stereotype, one of the cold hearted, ruthless and ambitious ruler scarred by a distant tragedy. Of course he begins to change in the company of our band of heroes but I think it’s done brilliantly and always look forward to this part of the books. Mallorea is an interesting place and I love the reactions of the characters as they progress through it.

Like all good books there are parts that resonate more at different times of your life. I always appreciated how the authors showed the plague beginnings in Mal Zeth and how easily these things can spread and get out of control. However in the modern times and everything the whole world has been going through in the last two years it is even more poignant and frightening. I now know how reckless it actually was that they snook out of the city and the potential devastation they could have caused if even one of them had been affected.

This is a great entry in the series and as always, looking forward to the next one.

5 stars

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