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The MasterHarper of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

DNF at around a fifth to go. This used to be one of my favourite Pern books, strange how things can change.

This is basically the David Copperfield of Master Robinton from the main series. We go from his birth and upbringing in the main Harper Hall until the opening of Dragonflight (which I didn’t quite get to this time).

Honestly I used to love this book. It might have been my favourite or at least in the top 3 anyway. This time it was only a remembrance of how much I liked it that kept me going as far as I did. It is almost like a fan fiction of the character, that retconned the original series to make him look even better than he did before. He is the handsome and a child genius. He talks to dragons. He’s best friends or interacts with almost every major character from the series. We would have been a dragon rider but they weren’t searching when he was of age. To be fair some of it makes sense and is in character but other parts just makes you roll your eyes and almost feel uncomfortable.

The first half is about his childhood and adolescence and mainly revolves around how much he loves his mother and how his father is jealous of him. This isn’t actually too bad if you ignore the continuity errors (which are everywhere in the whole book). However the main take from it was that he wanted to have a loving and supporting father. What does he do once he has a child of his own? He ignores it and leaves it to be raised by the child’s mother because it has cognitive issues and can’t appreciate all the things he loves. Oh he is a nice guy though, he brings him toys sometimes.

The second half is just him being involved in everything that has the slightest significance to main series. He’s basically holding the continent together. And has a tragedy to explain why he’s single. That’s it.

No idea how I used to like this and I doubt I will ever read it again. Such a let down that has grown even worse as I’ve thought about it. I had rounded up to 3 stars for nostalgia’s sake but no, it’s lucky to even have 2 stars.

2 stars

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