Maskerade by Terry Pratchett

Not the strongest Witches book but still an entertaining read.

Agnes (Perdita) Nitt who we met a bit in Lords and Ladies has fled the Ramtops to escape the interest that Granny and Nanny are showing in her. She arrives in Ankh-Morpork and joins the Opera House and the other witches follow her on the pretext of a book that Nanny wrote.

This is an unusual book in that not a lot really happens in it. It resembles more a Watch book in that there are a series of injuries and murders at the Opera that Agnes and the others are trying to solve, coming at it from different directions. There is the subplot of Nanny’s book which honestly doesn’t add much to the story other than as a plot device but basically it is a murder mystery while playing off various opera and musical storylines.

Though it is the most low key of the Witches stories so far it is still entertaining. Agnes is a good addition to the main set of characters and we see ‘Perdita’ coming out a bit more. There’s not much change in Granny and Nanny but they are still good value. The main theme of this book appears to be appearances, which seems to be satirising the Hollywood need for everyone to be beautiful, irrespective of whether they have the talent or not. It is acknowledged but comes to the rather depressing conclusion that it is important. Honestly it is one of the most depressing endings of any Pratchett book I can remember.

Though definitely the weakest of the books in the Witches series so far, it is still a very good entertaining read.

3.5 stars rounded up.

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