Shadowfane by Janny Wurts

Good end to the series.

Again there’s not too much of a time difference between this book and the previous, though the first quarter covers a decent bit of time. Jaric is now on the Isle of the Vaere and Taen is back on Imrill Kand, and things are looking slightly more hopeful for humanity. However Shadowfane have their own plans which will completely change things.

Luckily most of the problems I had with the second book have been resolved here. The plot moves fast and we finally have confirmation on most things that have been hinted at before. Jaric is out of his sulk and is more interesting for it, though Taen is still a bit passive. We also have more POV’s from the demons which gives a better balance to proceedings.

There are some really standout moments in this book. What happens at Morbrith is truly shocking and was quite unexpected. The whole climax was brilliant and I would love another book or series continuing this story that would be pure Space Fantasy, there are far too few of these that really are an even mix of both genres. The power creep in these books is pretty astounding but it came rather naturally and doesn’t feel forced which is good.

There is a lot of inward monologues and overly dramatic soul searching in these books that means they probably won’t be to everyone’s taste. However there is a great story here in a traditional farmboy type narrative with enough unique points to it to make it interesting. If you are looking for something familiar but different that’s also well written I would recommend giving these a go, even with the drag in book two.

4 stars

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