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Do You Dream of Terra-Two? by Temi Oh

DNF at a little over 100 pages.

This just wasn’t for me, at least at the moment. It’s about six super intelligent and annoying teenagers who have been selected to go on a mission to a new planet. Just before launch there is a tragedy and someone else is drafted in at the last minute.

They’re probably written well in that they all actually come across as teenagers but I just couldn’t deal with it. I disliked them all and the thoughts of reading another 400 pages with their company was just too much. The world is the same as ours except space technology is more advanced for whatever reason. Just before launching, these kids who’ve spent half their lives so far in intense study and training, all go mad and do stupid things and, what is worse, are seemingly allowed to. Like where is the security around these kids?

I don’t know, between certain story choices and disliking all of them intensely, I decided to cut my loses. I might get back to it at some stage but we’ll see.

2 stars

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