Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett

Great as always, I always find myself returning to Pratchett when I need a pick me up.

Set pretty much straight after Witches Abroad, Granny, Nanny Ogg and Magrat are back home after their adventures. Things seem mostly normal but it looks like things will change as the Queen of the Elves has set her sight back on Lancre again.

So this is the fourth Witches book and the characters are quite firmly established at this stage. It is also right in the middle of Golden Age Pratchett which (in my opinion only!) loosely goes from Small Gods to Night Watch, not to say there aren’t amazing books outside of this but these contain nearly all my favourites. We also have Ridcully and a few of the other wizards here which adds a nice touch.

The characters go through nice arcs, Granny dealing with age, new witches and some limitations (and a healthy dose of nostalgia thrown in) and Magrat deciding (or not) with what to do with her life after being a witch. Nanny is still just Nanny. It’s all blended well to create something that is both funny and intriguing while pondering some of life’s major issues. I’m not sure I’ve yet to see any other author do it quite so deftly this blend of humour and insight. We also have one of my favourite versions of Elves which rings more true to the legends than Tolkien’s for example.

What can I say that probably hasn’t been said better already? It’s a great read with great characters that moves well. Another Shakespeare kind of re-telling here with it broadly following A Midsummer Night’s Dream and maybe the Taming of the Shrew? It is kind of linked to the previous witches books, you’ll get more from it if you’ve read them but you could easily get away with reading it by itself. Thoroughly recommended but I always recommend Pratchett.

5 Stars

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  1. I was never a fan of the Watch series and the later books in Discworld seemed to have more bite than humor. I like his early stuff though 😀

    Was this just a random pick me up or do you have a deeper plan for your Pratchett reads?


    1. Ha nicely put, there is definitely less humour in his latter books alright.

      I read the Watch series again a few years back and will probably keep going with the Witches in order, but no timeline and not one after another, just whenever I get the urge!

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