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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

5 star first half, 3 star second half.

So this is the story of Addie (Adeline) LaRue. To get out of a marriage that she didn’t want, she makes a deal with some sort of spirit/god that she ends up calling Luc. He ensures that she will be free forever to do what she wants, however in a twist that she didn’t foresee, no one now remembers her once she’s out of their sight.

The story itself is split between two different timelines, the first part in 2014 New York and the rest in various countries and years of Addie’s three hundred year life. It’s mainly from Addie’s POV though later we are introduced to another in Henry, a guy in the present day New York who actually remembers her. The story gradually unfolds of how each of them got to where they are now.

I would actually say this book has a strong case to be classified as a Fantasy Romance book. Once Addie and Henry meet, a lot of the present day timeline is focused on their relationship. I did enjoy it but honestly I preferred the flashbacks and the story from before they met. Addie was an interesting character though my one criticism was that she still felt at times to be very immature considering her age. Obviously it’s difficult to write what is basically an immortal but at times she really came across as just another young twenty something year old.

The story and relationship between Addie and Luc has been done before many times but the nature of the curse/blessing was very interesting and really did make her life almost impossible to live at times. There are a few plotholes with it but nothing I couldn’t ignore.

I absolutely flew through the first part but got bogged down in the latter part though it did end well. I actually would have preferred a more ambiguous end leaving out the final section but it was still good. I am pretty sure this is a standalone though I suppose there could be another story to tell here but I don’t think it is necessary. Worth a read.

4 stars

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