Enchanter’s End Game by David Eddings

Great end to the series.

So all the buildup, prophecies etc were all leading up to here and honestly, it was quite satisfying. We finally get to meet Torak and learn what it was all about and it was pretty cool. The actual dual was shorter than I remember but everything before and after makes up for it, it seems appropriate actually. Belgarath and Zeder is awesome.

Like the last book, it’s mostly split into two sections, Garion, Belgarath and Silk in one, and Ce’Nedra and her army in the other. The Garion one has a bit of the travelogue feel to it again but it’s interesting, I particularly enjoyed the sections in the mountains and with the Moridim. The army section is also good though in surprising ways. For such simple books I really enjoyed that the first part was mostly about logistics of moving an army, and the battles in the latter part were suitably epic.

There is not too much tension in reading these books, you’re never in any real doubt that the heroes will conquer all but what is so good about these is how it all comes together. It’s a very focused story and the characters may be stereotypes but they’re very well done. Like all my favourite books, there are liberal moments that happen that really get me, some profound, some simple but all affecting. I’m positive that, unless something unforeseen happens, I will read these again. They are my go to comfort read. Usually I’d head straight into the Mallorean but this once I might leave it here and read those when it’s needed again.

This is a brilliant series though I’m aware that not everyone will agree with me on that. I also know there are some issues that have come to light about the authors but in my head it just can’t take away from how much I love reading these.

5 stars

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