Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings

Another great entry though suffers a bit due to the main story still not progressing much until the end.

This is still basically a travelogue on the search for the Orb. Our cast is only added to by two characters in this one, Relg the religious zealot and right at the end Taiba, an escaped slave. Can’t really say much about Taiba as she only has a few scenes in this book but I like how Relg is portrayed. He’s not a very nice person to be around due to his convictions but the reasons behind them are well done and you still have sympathy for him.

Garion is still continuing to grow and in this book we learn a lot more about the Will and the Word. A very simple magic system but I like that it (mostly) follows the laws of physics. We also get glimpses of Polgara’s early life and meet some of the other sorcerer’s, I’ve always had a soft spot for Beldin. The gods are also starting to come into it more which I’m always a sucker for and the prophecy as an entity is also starting to play a bigger part.

Again nothing mind blowing here but even after however many times I’ve read these I’m still hooked throughout. This does lose a bit as the main plot is almost ignored until the end, though that is suitably spectacular. It also ends very abruptly which I’m not a fan of. Not an issue really as all the books are out but still annoying.

4.5 stars

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