Mistborn: Secret History by Brandon Sanderson

So this is a very interesting, cosmere heavy little novella.

I won’t go into any details as it would be very spoilery but I really recommend reading this after the original Mistborn trilogy. It will ruin a little surprise at the end of book 6 I think, but I read it then and I’ll be honest it has more resonance now after reading it immediately after era one.

It actually has the format of a much bigger book with multiple parts but each of them are kind of small and it covers pretty much the events from the series from another POV. These is by far the most cosmere heavy book there is, with characters and references from other worlds. It also totally cemented the reveal at the end of Rhythm of War, I had forgotten that little episode.

Sanderson mentions at the end that he doesn’t want to do this trick too often, of a character not being quite as dead as they appeared, but I already think there’s a danger of it. It’s not the first time he’s done it so I’m not quite so sure anymore if a character’s death is actually final and that does take away from the emotional impact.

Apart from some issues that Sanderson addresses himself in the author’s note at the end, this is a really fun book and though it answers some questions it raises even more which is great.

4.5 stars

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