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Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston

Set a year after the events of the Clone Wars and Order 66, Ahsoka is making a living as an engineer and trying to keep a low profile. As the new Imperial power starts making its presence felt through the galaxy, places to hide are starting to run out and she must make a choice to keep moving or start to make some sort of stand against it.

So this was written before the final season of the Clone Wars and I was wondering if too many elements of it were going to be out of sync. Fortunately enough is was fine, there were a few things mentioned about Mandalore and Maul that were different but not by loads so it feels like a perfect continuity. Ahsoka is still dealing with the fallout and is fairly battered emotionally. It starts of very slow, just slice of life stuff but it is written well and I actually really enjoyed the slow start, I kind of wanted more of it!

The action obviously does pick up at around the quarter mark and from there on, there’s not much let up. It’s mostly from Ahsoka’s POV but there are a few others including Bail Organa later as well as some small POV’s from an Inquisitor. I thought the author really captured her voice which is important with characters based on an existing medium. The story wasn’t galaxy epic but it showed the beginning of the Rebellion and her part in growing it which was exciting. It also showed how she got her white lightsabers which was really cool.

It’s labelled as YA but honestly other than being a bit short I don’t know you would classify it as that. I thought this was a great continuation of Ahsoka’s story and honestly I’m quite excited if the rumours of her being in the second season of The Mandalorian are true.

4 stars

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