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Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View by Miscellaneous Authors

So this is a collection of short stories that basically tell the story of A New Hope from lots of different POV’s apart from the main cast (though there is one exception). It is an interesting premise and was released as part of the fortieth anniversary of the release of the film. I won’t go through every story but I’ll mention a few of my highlights.

Like most collections there were some I really liked, some were ok and some I disliked, though luckily enough I thought the standard was pretty high and my overall my experience was a good one. There was an awful lot of stories set around the cantina scene and I thought it was way overdone, it’s a small part of the film but took far too high a proportion of these stories. Otherwise it was spread pretty well though the quieter scenes of the film with just the main cast was missed due to the nature of the collection.

Stories in the Sand was from the perspective of a Jawa on the Sandcrawler. He accesses R2D2’s memory core and sees all that he’s been through, quite nostalgic.

The Red One was from the droid the blows its head when we first meet Luke. Surprisingly sad.

Master and Apprentice is from the force ghost of Qui-Gon talking to Obi-Wan after the incident with the Sandpeople. Another sad one and not surprising coming from Claudia Gray, one of my favourite SW writers.

We Don’t Serve Their Kind Here and The Kloo Horn Cantina Caper are two of the cantina stories I actually liked. The first is from the POV of the barman and the second is some crazy caper that’s happening alongside the whole film thing and is actually pretty funny.

The Secrets of Long Snoot is from the character that tells the imperials where the Millenium Falcon is flying from. Another pretty sad story that is a cautionary tale of not judging until you know all the facts.

Eclipse is from Leia’s (adopted) mother on Alderaan. Not exactly a happy ending.

The Trigger was a fun little story about a wise cracking scavenger on Dantooine who gets involved with the imperials on the planet after Leia gave the false info about the rebel base.

End of Watch was fun in that it’s an imperial officer who just wants to end their shift. Unfortunately there’s an incident in the detention center.

The Baptist. Who would have thought a story about the trash compactor monster would be one of my favourites??

Time of Death is the exception I mentioned and is from Obi-Wan.

Grounded is another kind of sad one, from the perspective of one of the ground crew at the battle of Yavin. You do forget those people and what they must be experiencing hearing about the battle above.

Whills is an irreverent take on the opening credits. Knowing and funny.

4 stars

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