Master and Fool by J.V. Jones

Odd books, still not sure what I think about them.

So stuff finally happened. Jack learns a bit about his powers but of course runs off before really learning much. Melli spends most of the book locked up. We finally get the meet up between Jack and Tawl that we’ve been waiting for over two pretty big books for and to be fair it was pretty awesome. We also get a lot more from Kylock in this book and he’s even more messed up than I thought. Maybor has done a complete 360. Pretty much all the questions and mysteries we had are answered and resolved.

As I’ve said before these are extremely tropey books but they are a bit different than the books released at the time. The crazy amount of POV’s was different but in this book that was toned down somewhat. Also the focus on the ‘bad’ guys was relatively unique from what I remember. I think one of main problems was that I didn’t really like any of the characters, they were all annoying or out right despicable, and though I’m sure it was deliberate it made it hard to care about what was happening especially since it was all so low key.

My biggest problem was with Tawl, he’s made out to be a literal shining knight but I didn’t see that at all, and his final confrontation with Tyren was definitely not what I was expecting. It was actually probably more realistic considering the history between them but this relation between subverting expectations and then the next minute leaning into them so much really threw me throughout the series. Another case like this was Mistress Greal, she’s truly horrible throughout the whole series, spends most of this book basically torturing Melli and by one good act we’re supposed to love her and forgive her? It’s the Snape argument all over again, I don’t think one decent act makes a character more sympathetic if they’ve been assholes their whole lives.

I’ll give it to these books, I’ve really thought about them a lot. Still not sure I like them but obviously there was enough here that I read all three of them. I’ve heard her later books get much better and there was enough here to make me want to check them out.

3.5 stars rounded up.

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