The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin

Great end to the series.

I won’t go into too much details about the plot being the final book and all but I will say that it pretty much just continues where the last one left off. Our POV’s are still mainly Essun and Nassun. The whole second person thing of Essun is still a bit annoying but I’m mostly used to it now. She still continues to be cool and seems to have accepted most of who she is. I also really enjoy the relationship she has with Hoa.

There is something about Nassun that kind of grates on me. I know I should feel a lot of sympathy for her, considering her age and what she’s gone through, and I do, but she also annoys me. Can’t even point out exactly why but it’s there. And her storyline is really interesting but it doesn’t grip me as much as it should.

We have a new POV in this book (kind of), that of Hoa and it is my favourite. It’s set far far back in time and finally explains why the world is the way it is. We learn about how the stone eaters came to be, what the point of the obelisks are and many other things. It was really interesting and I found it the most enjoyable part of the book.

I still don’t know how to classify these books. In some ways they are straight up epic fantasy, in others straight up science fiction. It is really a unique set up in my experience and I enjoyed it immensely. The second person narrative finally makes sense, I thought it was to show Essun’s shock and it could still be in some senses but there is a more prosaic reason for it which I only copped in this last book. Just to note I still don’t like this style but here at least there is a solid reason for it.

The actual end felt somewhat rushed but overall it was great, with nearly all questions answered satisfactory. This really is a pretty unique series and I would recommend it with the caveat that they second person is a bit jarring and creates distance between you and the characters. It is also a fairly dark and bleak series though there is also lots of hope and great moments too.

4 stars

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