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The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

There is a great book here but pretty much the whole middle of the book dragged.

Set a year after Mistborn, Elend is now ruling Luthadel with a council of representatives made up of the nobility, merchants and the Skaa. Vin is his only Mistborn and his personal bodyguard. Society has pretty much broken down all over with local warlords ruling the provenances and soon enough one of the armies marches in to lay siege. Elend and Vin are of course helped by the remaining crew but there are issues all over and the mists have started to display signs of changing their behaviour.

There are lots of great ideas here but it is all let down by love triangle between Vin, Elend and Zane. Zane is a new character introduced early enough and I swear most of the book is Vin moping around trying to figure out who would be best for her. Like if it was portrayed as anything like a real choice it might have been ok but it’s obvious from the beginning where it was going to go so it takes all the drama away from it. Another main part of the book is Elend trying to be a good king and working with all the different factions to try to reach compromises. I usually enjoy a good political book but again here it dragged, perhaps the politics was too simplistic but I was bored through most of these parts.

The first book was mostly told from the POV of Vin but here Elend and even Sazed have quite a lot of screen time with a few other POV’s thrown into the mix as well. Elend is nearly as boring internally as he was from an external perspective but I did enjoy the others even if Straff was almost a caricature. Sazed’s was actually really interesting as he was mostly involved with trying to figure out what was going on in the world though there was some moping from him too. Vin’s was a bit of a let down but I did enjoy her relationship with the kandra and once she got her head together I was back loving her POV.

What saved this book from being a complete let down was the end, no surprise there from Sanderson. All the plots that were being built up throughout the book came to head and really caught you by surprise in places. The world has become even more interesting and you get more knowledge of how all the magic works as allomancy is just one part of it. The end is also pretty brutal and I’m very curious as to where it’s all going from here as it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Honestly it’s not a bad book or anything but it really did drag in places. 3.5 stars rounded down.

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