The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

Just as good the second time round.

The nonstop action actually slows down a bit in this volume and that’s really not a bad thing. Not to say that it’s all sitting around drinking tea or something but this book is drawn out over nearly a year I think and that allows our characters to grow. Like before there is no loss of continuity between this book and the last one. Gavin was in a bad place and it doesn’t get any better. He’s gone from practically a god to, well, not. From being the main guy in the world (and the series kind of) his part was not really that plot relevant. It was certainly interesting but more from wondering what else the author could do to him, turns out quite a lot.

Kip and Teia really shine in this book. Kip has properly grown up now, not to say Kip the Lip is gone but he’s more under control. The guy still has confidence issues but he’s become more secure in himself and I love the interactions with the Mighty, they remind me of my friends and I when I was around their age, albeit without the fighting and killing people. The interactions between him and Andross are some of the best bits of the book, still hoping for an Andross POV at some stage! Teia has a very cool plot, it’s pretty horrible but also tense and exciting and in some ways she has chosen the hardest path, she is one of the Mighty but is blazing her own trail and it is a very interesting one.

Liv has been fairly marginalised in this book. She only has a few chapters and though interesting she has been let down in screen time, she’s not the most likeable person but her plot is good. Karris is front and center and is also facing up to her past and future both. It’s difficult to talk about her without spoilers but she is so cool and love her chapters, the awkwardness between her and Kip is wonderful.

As I said there is not as much action in this book as previous but what is there is brilliant. The last few chapters were amazing. What is also brilliant is the lore of the book. We’re starting to learn more about the history of the world and it has also thrown in a few mystical elements here. The part with Kip in the great library is both confusing and intriguing and I loved it. There are so many twists and turns in this book I don’t know how the author keeps everything straight. From what I remember the next book is even crazier for this.

I’m glad I’m re-reading this as I had forgotten so much. The author has put a recap of the other books at the start which is very cool but I’m getting much more from this. On to the next!

5 stars

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