Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster

A bit disappointing really, nothing added to the story.

There’s no point really going into details of the story here as you won’t be reading this book unless you’re a Star Wars fan so I’m sure you’ve seen it. I like reading the novelisations as long as they add something to the film. The prequel ones are great examples of this (especially episode 3), they added to the story and actually made the films better in some ways. They put in some extra scenes and characterisation that enhanced films that are sometimes lacking in this.

Unfortunately this book is more like the original trilogy novelisations that are basically just the movie in prose form. I was hoping for more internal thoughts from Rey and Kylo in particular, but the story had very little internal dialogue which was disappointing. I was also hoping for a bit more emotional punch from that scene but again it didn’t really deliver.

There’s nothing wrong with the writing but it was just functional and doesn’t really add anything to it. The actions scenes were well done but honestly I wasn’t reading it for them, I’ve seen them already. There were a few details that were different and I presume that was due to some last minute changes in the movie that weren’t able to be incorporated in this as they were released at around the same time.

It’s a short book so doesn’t take long to read but yeah this book is kind of pointless. I’ve marked it this high because though I was disappointed I didn’t dislike it either, it was just lacking.

2.5 stars.

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