Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

It’s getting more difficult to review these as due to being on the seventh book spoilers are harder to avoid.

As usual things start off relatively calm with Harry. He’s been living with Thomas for a year which is driving him crazy but then Mavra shows up and blackmails him with evidence on Murphy that could destroy her career so he’s soon drawn into events that sets him against a group of necromancers with divine intentions.

This one was a bit more of a mash up than usual. We had elements of the vampires, fairy courts, and the white council. There was also some elements of the Fallen and we learned much more about Harry’s new companion Lasciel which has the potential to be very very cool. Harry as usual gets completely destroyed but somehow manages to survive. There is some more of an explanation given here as to how he survives so much but it does still annoy me a little.

These books are good but none has been a five star yet. I think it’s that no matter how cool the story, situations and reveals are, I know how it is going to go. There’s always the formula: Harry gets a case, it explodes, he gets beaten up but manages to survive with some further understanding of himself and/or the people around him. It’s been really good so far (the series) but not great yet.

4 stars out of 5

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