Blood Rites by Jim Butcher

Another enjoyable adventure with Chicago’s finest PI.

Harry is asked by the vampire Thomas to help him out as he owes him one or two favours. He wants him to investigate a few bizarre accidents that have been killing people on the production set of a porno film. As usual things escalate pretty quickly and soon Harry is involved with both the black and white court vampires while learning a few more things about himself and those around him.

This one did start out a little slower than usual, much more of a straight forward mystery than usual. However things do escalate to crazy proportions and soon Harry is above his head in danger and barely scraping out of situations. Harry has grown on me, he’s definitely matured somewhat though that could be just because we’re still learning more about him. This series is certainly interesting in that even six books in our only POV is still pretty much a mystery in a lot of respects, which is impressive considering that the books are told in first person. There were some new revelations which clears up part of the past but I still feel there’s more to come.

Murphy and Thomas are both featured heavily in this one and both come out of it even more likeable. Murphy in particular had an interesting arc and I like the fact that her and Harry are firmly on the same team now, it annoyed me in previous books. There were a few new characters and older reoccurring ones but to go into them would be entering spoiler territory.

One of the main aspects of this series is its episodic nature and this is both a positive and a negative. The positive is that it’s easy enough to dip in and out of, I read the first book nearly two years ago. The negative is that you do forget the finer points of what happened. The author does that clumsy thing where they tell you relevant information in the early chapters about characters and significant events but because the story jumps around so much it can be hard to get the nuances. Characters and plots are dropped for a book or two and brought back and it can be hard to remember exactly what went on with them. It’s not a major issue but it bugs me a little, a brief recap of the previous books would be helpful.

Anyway it was great read and once I got into the world again I fairly plowed through it. Think I might move on to the next…

4 stars out of 5

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