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The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks

A pretty disappointing book in all honesty.

As the last book ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger we start this one immediately after. I was hoping for something more original as the last book had a few nice touches but this was almost a copy of Genesis of Shannara books again. Demons are back. A chosen one to lead the people to safety. Sound familiar?

We had a few new POV’s in this book in addition to the ones from the last book. We have Prue, Panterra’s friend and Aislinne from the last book. Prue is almost a copy of Panterra and both are unmemorable. Aislinne just seemed shoehorned in to get a perspective from the town. We also have a decent portion of the book from the demon’s perspective and his is the most interesting. At first it seemed Brooks might take him to a new direction but then unfortunately he reverted to a total evil typecast. 

There were a few good scenes but overall it was fairly boring and that is just too much of a flaw in any medium that’s telling a story. The main reason for reading these is seeing how our world becomes the world of Shannara. I was expecting these books to move it much further on but apart a few things this did not happen at all and things aren’t much different than at the end of the Genesis books.

Overall I would not recommend these books apart from the most diehard of Shannara fans.

2 stars out of 5

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