Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence

This was a brilliant end to a great series. Warning there are some spoilers ahead.

Being the last book I won’t go into too many plot details but there is a split timeline going on here. The first is immediately after the events of book two and the other is set three years later. Both timelines were great and that showed as I didn’t want to leave either when they switched.

There was no waiting around here, the plot starts furiously and doesn’t ease up. A complaint I had from the last book was that there was too much class time, and though there is a little here at the start, it was minimal and integral to the plot. Things have come to a head and the questions I’ve had from the start have mostly been answered. There are a few things I would like to have known more about, like the Missing and the arrival of the four tribes, but a bit of mystery is always good and for all I know perhaps this will be explored in further series (if there are any). 

We finally got to the moment of time from the prologue and interludes of the first and second books, and though it didn’t play quite as expected, it was still suitably epic. To be honest the whole last third if not more was really epic and I had a couple of late nights at the end getting through that final part.

One of the my favourite parts of the book was the fact that though Abbess Glass had died she was still one of the main players in this entire book, her webs were in play everywhere and the climax of these was suitably impressive, I didn’t see it coming. Also Sister Pan. What a fucking end.

At the heart of these books is Nona and her fellow novices and Sisters. They were all great, all had their moments to shine and there was suitable joy and heartache as is to be expected. Even characters I disliked grew on me, one in particular. My only small complaint was the ‘love’ side of things, hints of a love triangle, but honestly it was a very minor part of the story and didn’t really distract.

This is a great series and confirms to me that Mark Lawrence is one of my favourite authors and I hope there are going to be more stories in the world of Abeth.

5 stars out of 5

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