Dracula by Bram Stoker

I really didn’t enjoy this at all. It felt long (though it is relatively short) and it was boring. Dracula himself is barely in it, except for a bit at the start.

The whole book is in the form of diary entries and newspaper articles which is one of the better parts of it. One of the problems is that all the male characters (Jonathan and John) sound the same, not literally as they each had their own diaries, but from a character perspective. Van Helsing was the worst, his parts just went on and on and he never shut up. The only saving grace was Mina’s but the whole condescending attitude that the men had to her, and her ‘poor little old me’ attitude to them was nearly as bad. Dracula himself as mentioned was largely absent, and Lucy was the typical damsel in distress.

I am aware that this was written at a very different time than now and was prepared to forgive it some things but I just couldn’t forgive how boring it was. Almost nothing happened. The threat from the Count was almost non existent as there was so many things he couldn’t stand that none of the main characters felt in any danger. Most of the novel was tracking shipping receipts and interviews with a madman.

The end when it came was the ultimate in an anti-climax. I give it kudos for almost single handedly creating the modern vampire phenomenon but you can see why people are so eager to add things and make it more interesting. 

I had planned to give it three stars just for the importance of it to literature but I was so frustrated towards the end, I was basically hate reading, that I just couldn’t do it. Read it if you want to see where it all started but be prepared not to be at the edge of your seat.

2 stars out of 5

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