Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

This is definitely the best Dresden book I’ve read yet. People have mentioned they get better after the first three and considering I really enjoyed those I had high expectations of this.

I still can’t really define what was better, the basic bones of the story are similar to the previous but it feels more polished somehow, the story feels more epic maybe and maybe we’re getting to know Harry a bit better. Probably a combination of all and that Jim Butcher has more experience. Whatever it is, it made a great story.

We start off with Harry in a deep depression, not really working, living hand to mouth while doing research and dodging assassination attempts due to fallout from book three. He’s made an offer from one of the Queens of the Sidhe as well as being summoned to the White Council, and then things really start to hit the fan as they often do around Harry. He has support from Billy and his gang that we met in book two I think as well as a few other characters, including some people from Harry’s past. 

As with the previous, the pace is relentless. All the action takes place over only a few days. Murphy’s in it again, herself dealing with trauma, and finally her and Harry talk honestly, it was refreshing. She now knows the stakes and what’s involved and she helps whole heartedly.

The action has been really amped up in this one, I loved learning more about the White Council and the courts of the Sidhe. The battle at the end was brilliant. Why I didn’t give it the full five stars was for two reasons. The first was that the motivation of the antagonist didn’t make much sense, after finishing it still doesn’t make much sense to me. The other is that I’m still not very emotionally invested in the characters. My favourite books always have some ‘goosebump’ moments and I still haven’t got that yet from these.

Apart from that this was a really good read, I flew through it, and looking forward to the next. I had planned to spread these out somewhat but I might need to start the next sooner than I’d planned. It didn’t end on a cliffhanger or anything but the next one sounds promising!

4.5 stars out of 5

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