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Lost Lore: A Fantasy Anthology by various

I’ll be honest I didn’t read them all, just a few of them, I might get around to the rest at some stage.

It was good to get a story from a few authors I’ve heard mentioned but I wish that they would have put some sort of introduction before each. It was confusing to read each with no context and it didn’t even mention what series they were from in case you were interested to read more.

From the ones I read I particularly liked the Paternus short story by Dyrk Ashton. It was set in Ireland around the time of the great flood so was very interesting.

Barrowlands by Mike Shel was also fairly intriguing, I think it’s confirmed to me that I’ll have to get his novel.

No Fairytale by Ben Galley was ok, nothing to his Heart of Stone novel though.

I also liked I, Kane by Laura M Hughes, a very odd story about an apocalyptic dragon in our world, it was pretty funny.

I wasn’t mad about Steven Kelliher’s and Phil Tucker’s stories, there just wasn’t enough context, especially in The Prisoner.

Overall not a bad little collection.

3 stars out of 5

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