Death Masks by Jim Butcher

Another very solid entry in the series.

In this one Harry continues with the fallout from book 3 and the war with the red court. In addition to this he has also been commissioned by the Church to retrieve a very important Catholic item that has been stolen. We have a host of returning characters here from Susan and Michael to Marcone as well as a few new ones. Each of these are fleshed out more, and Harry himself continues to get a raw deal but he and we start to get a feeling for why he does what he does. I liked the bad guys in this, Nicodemus is particular and I’ve a feeling we won’t be seeing the last of him. 

There are good and bad points to the episodic nature of the books. Good points are each moves quickly and is mostly self contained so you don’t expressly feel the need to dive into the next one straight away and you could probably jump in at any book so far and enjoy it (though I wouldn’t recommend this).

The bad point is that it sometimes feels too scattered with plotlines and characters all over the place and none of them really resolved. I was hoping for more of the Sidhe in this one and there wasn’t any and the red court part took up surprisingly little of the narrative. Saying that the ongoing battles between the Knights and the Fallen was really good so that’s another thread added that I enjoy!

I’m starting to see why this series is recommended so often, even to non urban fantasy lovers like myself.

4 stars out of 5

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