A Brilliant Void by Jack Fennell

Most of the stories were ok but there was a few I actually disliked. Interesting to read about what Irish people thought future technology might be like. Very few of the stories are actually set in Ireland, most seem to be in the US or England. I wouldn’t class most of them as SF as we know it today, I think speculative fiction would be more accurate. I’m just giving some very brief thoughts on each.

The New Frankenstein. This was bad, read like an undergrad story trying to show how much they know.

The Diamond Lens. This was interesting, read more like Fantasy than SF though.

The Age of Science was my favourite by far. Very funny and quite prescient on matters today. It’s basically a newspaper from the future.

The Story of a Star was a bit too abstract for my liking.

Mercia, the Astronomer Royal was another good story. Again very relevant in todays society and the issues women still encounter in their professional capacity.

The Professor’s Experiment. Another fairly dull mad scientist story. There’s quite a lot in this collection.

An Advance sheet. Combined time travel and mystery, was actually quite good.

The Luck of Pitsey Hall. Sherlock Holmes meets Dan Brown. As bad as it sounds.

Lady Clanbevan’s Baby. Another fairly dull mad scientist story.

The Great Beast of Kafue. H Rider Haggard type adventure, not too bad but not enough substance.

The Sorcerer. Again more Fantasy than SF. Not really very interesting and another professor.

A Story Without and End. A lot of potential here, would have liked more.

A Vision. A nice little observation on people’s nature.

The Chronoton. It’s kind of like Back to the Future. Surprisingly good.

The Exile. Kind of pointless to be honest.

3 stars out of 5

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