The Swords of Night and Day by David Gemmell

Another great entry in the Drenai saga and the second and final part of Skilgannon’s story. Unfortunately we will never know if Gemmell had planned more stories for him due to his untimely death but what we have are some of his best.

This could be read as a standalone, it would give away some spoilers for the previous book but honestly not too much. It’s set 1000 years after the first one. How this is possible is explained in the book, ‘magic’ but not really. Skillgannon wakes in a world that he feels completely disconnected to and is told is vastly different to one he last knew. It is ruled by somebody called the ‘The Eternal’ who has battled and created her empire over the last 500 years. Soon however Skilgannon realises it’s not really that different after all and is soon swept up in the events of the day.

Like a lot of Gemmell books there are ruminations on the futility of war and whether it is worth making a stand, doing what’s right, as all things wither and fade. There is death, betrayal and moments of hope. Character’s die, even lots of POV’s and things never quite work out as you think. There are great fight scenes, battles and character interactions.

As I have mentioned before, I think Gemmell is the epitome of heroic fantasy (with a dark twist) and if you like that sort of thing and haven’t read him, rectify that immediately.

5 stars out of 5

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