Outcasts of Order by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Update March 2021:

Not too much more to add here except that again I absolutely loved the mundaneness of it all. There’s basically zero action or conflict, apart from a very few minor incidences and a whole lot of fairly polite backstabbing and vindictiveness, it was great! Jessyla is also fairly rounded out considering we don’t get a POV from her. This is definitely shaping up to me one of my favourite Recluce series within the series.

Original July 2018:

This is one of the best Modesitt books I’ve read in a while. It is actually lighter on the action than in The Mongrel Mage but for some reason it clicked more for me. Like the previous 20(!) books there is a lot of day to day minutiae taking up the space but as always I find in both interesting and relaxing in some way. There is tension but honestly you always know that the protagonist will find some way around it. 

I won’t go into to the plot really except that to say that Beltur (and others) basically become refugees so has a lot of relevance in today’s climate. It deals with their struggles trying to find a home when wherever they go somebody tries to make their life difficult as it will upset the status quo or their own personal satisfaction.

The relationship between Beltur and Jessyla is well done, I like the way that small mundane things can cause issues between people in a relationship and this is highlighted here. It’s probably a bit unrealistic for a couple so young to be in tune that much but it does kind of make sense in regard the rules of order/chaos in the Recluce world.

This is also the first trilogy in the Recluce series (they’re mostly standalones or duologys) and I am most eagerly waiting the final part (It’s actually four books). I’ll be honest I had no idea at the start of Beltur’s story that it was going to be about the the founding of Fairhaven!

5 stars out of 5

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